Monday, August 31, 2009


Yes I am crazy in case any one is wondering. This will be my THIRD blog, not including myspace which I don't use any more. We are in the process of doing business cards and so far we have a business phone for me and an email address but I don't have a website and I wanted some place people could go to see pictures I had taken. SOOOOO here I am. A place for JUST my pictures. I have been wanting to do this for a long time any ways SO here is my "photography" blog. I was thinking about that word the other day. What makes someone a "photographer"? I ask because I often find myself wondering. I feel weird telling people I am a photographer but honestly, aren't I one? I mean, what gives someone the "right" to say "I am a photographer"? I wonder about this. Is it a photography degree from a collage? I say NO because any one can have a degree and know how to work their camera but it doesn't mean they are talented or have an eye for taking a a great photo. I am just rambling but I have wondered about this lately. I think I am starting to feel comfortable enough about my skills that I can safely say, "I am a photographer". Of course making business cards that say so are probably a give away any ways.... haha

Any ways...for those who know me, most of these pictures for the next couple of post will be repeats you have seen on my other blog. Bare with me and keep in mind that I don't actually have clients yet. :) Thanks for everyone's support and love. More to come...