Saturday, February 9, 2013

February Photo Challenge

My sister started a February Photo challenge she found on line and so I decided to do it with her.  Here is what I got so far.

Day One

The first photo of the day was "View"  We went to a dance that night and well, my husband doesn't dance so I ended up sitting next to him the whole time.  : )   SOOOO this was my view.

It was taken with my cell phone and obviously it was a horrible picture.

Day Two was "Words"  It so happened to be Kayla's birthday party and it was a Hello Kitty party.  So my words for the day are

Next day was "Hands"  And I have two pictures.  Kayla actually took them both and I couldn't resist using them.  One is of Tyler giving a peace sign.

Second is a picture she accidentally took of her hand over the lens 

HAHA  That is the palm of her hand and then her two fingers.

The next day was "A Stranger"  This is the dumb cat who lives next door who is always in our yard and on our wall.

The next day was "10:00 am"  I was working out that day so here is my picture

Normally my cell phone pictures aren't so blurry.  I'm not sure why the quality is so awful.  I'll have to figure it out and fix it later.

Next day was "dinner"  which I took with my other camera so I'll post later.  The next day was "Button" which my friend and I went antique shopping and found a bunch of antique buttons.

And lastly, was "Sun"  We had an overcast, really cold day.  It actually snowed on us for a minute.  So this was the best I could do with SUN

Today is a new day but I'm going to have to look up what the theme today is.  Hopefully I can get my cell phone pictures looking better.  Crossing my fingers 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Man has it been a LONG time since I posted pictures on here.  It is not that I stopped taking pictures, but I just have had little time to post them.  Life has been busy this last year.  We bought a house and moved, my son started kindergarten and then went on to first grade.  My daughter started dance lessons and my son started taking karate and I picked up a new hobby that has taken over my life!  I really need to be better at trying to make time for blogging though.  So here are a few pictures just to start myself out.

We had a October mini session again in the same location as last time.  We had a good turn out this year and after the chaos that was last year, we knew had to run it much better this time!  :)  It went very well

These boys were all smiles and pretty much every picture of them that I took was so cute!  I have more families I did but I'll have to wait for another day!  Hopefully not another year from now.  ;)