Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch Up

My husband is in bed early tonight and I had a chance to edit some older pictures.  SOOO since I haven't been posting much on here I thought I would update some landscaping photos.  Hopefully it is something everyone can enjoy.

These are from our trip back in August to Corpus Christi.  We had such a great time and it was beautiful there.  And the next couple are taken from the car on the way home from Utah.

I love how pretty Lake Powel is driving by it

And lastly, MY Christmas present.  I MADE my family wear all black and take this picture for me.  My mother in law took it for me and I think we got one we can blow up and print on canvas!  WOO HOO

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas


I have had lots of baby shoots lately.  I was supposed to have another but it got canceled.  Bummer.  Here are some of my friends baby.  She was a difficult one so we didn't get many.  After about 2 hours of trying really hard to get pictures and having to breast feed a lot, Lisa, her mom said we should get out the blow dryer and have it going.  It worked like a charm.  Apparently we were too quiet for her.  She wanted some noise. 

We are gonna miss these guys since we are moving but come March, they are headed back to California themselves and we can have play dates again.  WOO HOO

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I apologize for the absence.  My life has been a bit crazy.  We are trying to move to another state and it has been hard getting ready to do so.  With the holidays here it makes it even harder.  I have had some photo shoots and wanted to share at least one picture to hold y'all over until I have some time to post a bunch!  Happy holidays!