Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last One

I know I have posted twice already today but here is the last of the girls pictures from below.  While taking pictures of both girls individually, I also took some of the two of them.  Here are the best ones and this SHOULD be my last post for today

Have A Little Faith

This is Faith

She is so fun! She has these gorgeous BIG brown eyes, but when she smiles they disappear.  So we had to work hard to get here to keep her eyes open!  I kept telling her, "OPEN YOUR EYES!"  and then she would open them as big as she could and then they would start to water.  haha  BUT she was a very natural model.  Very good at it.  Here are some of my favorites ( I love how much her and Lura look a like, but then don't at the same time! )

Here is where we started using the reflector.  The light was great behind her, but her eyes were really dark.  So I got out my nifty homemade reflector and it TOTALLY worked and brought the light into her eyes!  You can see in the next 6 pictures of so...

And she a cutie!?

Crossing my fingers

I am crossing my fingers that this works.  I am on my MAC and going to try and upload some pictures from my senior pictures shoot.  This is Lura who does pretty much everything.  She's one tough cookie.  Apparently she broke some ribs the other day.  I don't know the details, I just read it on facebook.  heehee  But here you go.

This was the very first photo I took.  You know the photo shoot is gonna go well when the very first picture turns out like this!  I love how the sun is coming through her hair and everything.

( Um, hello I want these shoes!!! )

I think this one is my favorite of her smiling.  I called out her boyfriends name ( it worked several times! haha Except for the time I accidently called him Gay instead of his name....that pictures was hilarious! )

This is her moms dress from when she was a teenager and I just think that is SO cool!

I know it is a LOT of picture.  Think about how LONG it took me to edit and shrink and reformat ALL of these ( and I only put SOME of them on here!  There are several of the EXACT same picture but smiling or not smiling but I didn't want to bore you with both! )

And lastly my FAVORITE of her from the day was when she was looking and wasn't ready for her picture to be taken.

Never stop SHOOTING!  Because then you won't get stuff like this!!!  And now I need to shower so I can get my boy up.  So later on I will for sure post the pictures of her sister Faith!  We would have fun taking pictures was Lura changed her clothes in my back seat.  heehee  Oh and I made myself a sun reflector out of foam board and foil!  It worked like a charm and the pictures I got of Faith with it are pretty nice.  :)