Sunday, October 31, 2010


So my sister Kim is SUPER skinny. She always has been and she can eat whatever she wants and she stays skinny. Yeah I hate her too, but I have boobs so it's all good. heehee Her and I were talking about photography and I said something about her and I doing bridal pictures of her sometime for me to add to my portfolio since I knew she would still fit in her dress. I told her it is a shame guys don't usually OWN a tux and we could only do bridal portraits. Then she reminded me that Ender wanted something cool to wear and he actually bought a long jacket for his wedding. SCORE! Also, Kim and Ender like having their pictures taken so it's all good. Thursday my other sister Kristy came over and watched the kids so Kim, Ender and I could go down to the LDS Mormon Temple and do mock wedding photos. After all, it is only two blocks from Kim and Ender's place. It was good times and we got some good pictures. FYI for anyone who does weddings on a regular basis for Mormon people, it is FREAKING HARD! Oh my gosh I could NOT get my settings right on my camera for the HUGE WHITE building with a girl in a LONG WHITE dress and then a guy in black. Either the Temple would be washed out and the would look good, or the Temple would look awesome and they were dark. I guess this is when reflectors and things like that come in handy but I have a camera, a macro lens and a reflectors here. Maybe someday...

I have a lot of pretty vertical ones but BLOGGER WON"T LET ME ADD THEM WITHOUT TURNING THEM THE WRONG WAY!  Why am I the ONLY one who seems to have this problem.  Please, please, PLEASE someone tell mw hoe to fix this because it is driving me CRAZY!!!!

And now for some silly ones because it's not serious for very long when Ender is around...

And my absolute FAVORITE from the shoot...

I have tried posting this twice ( two different days ) and both times my lap top flipped out and shut off!  SO I am gonna post this  now and leave the rest of them for another day!  Enjoy

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Did It

I got to take the maternity pictures for my sister (who is adopting) and the birth mom.  The birth mom is very sweet and has an awesome family.  Her mom, grandparents and a couple of her cousins came to the baby shower.  How awesome is that?!  Here are my favorite pictures from our photo shoot.

The last picture is my favorite, even though there are not any faces in it.  They want to frame one of these pictures in and put it in the babies room.  Won't that be so special for the baby to have some day!?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blue Eyes Boy

I can't get enough of these blues eyes!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I haven't been on much because I have been keeping really busy here in Utah but I happen to catch this weeks photo challenge at IHEARTFACES and wanted to join in the fun with some pictures I just took.  The theme this week is Orchard

This is a picture of my son Tyler and his Grandpa Roundy. If you notice they are pointing to the tree and it says Tyler on it. Grandpa Roundy carved Tyler's name in it JUST above where Grandma Roundy's dad carved his name in the tree in 1942! You can't see the whole thing but it says, Clemont Adams November 21 1942.  Now both of their names will be there as long as that tree is.  Pretty neat when you think about it.

Go check out all the others here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It is baby week over at Trendy Tree House. I haven't been able to enter a picture the last couple of weeks so here I am. I did a photo shoot two weeks ago with this cute little girl who had a minnie mouse costume. Oh my goodness was she a cutie pie! This was my favorite picture from the night. I just loved this moment.

Go over to Trendy Treehouse and vote for your favorite!

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