Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maternity Pictures

Okay so here are a LOT of pictures from my maternity shoot the other day. I am hoping to get together with her ONE MORE TIME before she pops! Let's hope we can swing it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SETH ( Finally )

Back in May I took the best pictures of my nephew. I LOVE them because I used natural lighting and they didn't need to be edited at all! They were perfect the way they were. He even smiled big for me in a couple of them. Here are my favorites and the last one is one I am going to print out big for his mom on canvas for Christmas! I love you baby Seth.

Check these out of Kayla. She woke up from her nap and was PISSED! Kayla went and got her up instead of mommy and she was even less happy then. She had been sleeping so good that she had a HUGE red hand print on her face! haha

Also, check out the serious water works on her face!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Over My Head

Iheartfaces has a new theme and a new week. It has been a while since I have entered a picture. This weeks theme is "Over My Head" I wasn't sure what picture to use for this. Then I started looking at all of the other entries and REALLY didn't know what to do. I never like picking a picture that is obvious ( if possible ) and I never like picking a picture everyone else seems to be using. As I was looking through all the other entries one popped into my head. I think it is perfect! Hope you like it

Go and check out the rest of pictures

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We went to Utah for a family reunion. The family farm is in Alton, a SMALL town up near Bryce Canyon in Utah. It was beautiful there. I tried to take some pictures when I wasn't chasing the kids and making sure they weren't getting into trouble ( which was MOST of the time ) This is what I managed to capture of the property itself.

The Alton church

And lastly...the town "stop" sign

Also check out this adorable picture I took of my girl. We were getting ready to go for a drive and she was standing under this tree just outside the house and the sun was coming in perfect! I LOVE this picture. I don't even think I edit it and it is still so pretty.

Bridal pics part Two

Is it JUST ME, or is blogger giving everyone else a hard time the last couple of days too?! Like every time I try and update it freaks out on me. Doesn't it know I have TONS of pictures to post on here but my other two blogs as well?! LAME. Any ways. I wanted to post the rest of the pictures from the bridal shoot. The rest are of the bride and her sisters. I knew they had cowgirl boots so we busted them out. The ones with the boots are cute. I like how most of these turned out. Like I said before, it made me miss my sisters. So we will start off with a booty shot, just like me and my sister did back in the day!