Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giving Thanks

My family has not been ALL together in three years.  My mom wanted to take family pictures since we were all gonna be at the same place for Thanksgiving.  The grandkids however, didn't want to!  Ain't that the way it goes with kids sometimes.  They were tired and cold and the sun was bright.  Here is the pictures I got of ALL the grandkids

Bradlie is crying, Kayla is crying, Tyler is covering his ears because EVERYONE was trying to make them smile, Seth is crawling away, Jacob's face isn't visible and Noah looks AWESOME! haha

I took a better one before I adjusted my camera and it was TOTALLY washed out ( so of course it was a better picture! )

I am SO grateful for ALL of our family being in the same place at the same time...even if the kids didn't want to pose for a picture. haha

The Trendy Treehouse

Go check out all of the other things people are thankful for over at SHutterLove Tuesdays @ the Trendy Treehouse


Jacob Part Two

Here are some new photos I took my one of the sweetest babies ever! First him with his parents

And then a couple of him by himself. I love him!

Sleeping like an angel ( after he kept his Dad up all night!  heehee )

Black and White

I LOVE black and white photography. Like REALLY love it! Once upon a time I was planning on putting only black and white photos in my bedroom. This weeks theme over at Iheartfaces is black and white scenic. My problem with this theme wasn't the black and white but having a human face in it. I was going through my pictures and found this one that I think applies well.

There are so  many things I love about this picture but mostly I love remembering doing the shoot.  It was so much fun and this couple was oh so cute.  I know Lettice and it was fun getting to know the man who fell in love with her.

Check out some of the other pictures.  Pretty much all of the pictures this week are amazing.  Seriously there is something about black and white images that just make me happy!  So happy looking

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I know, I know

I really have not posted much lately. Not because I don't have pictures or because I don't want to, but simply because I either don't have time or don't have the internet. Also, several times I tried to post and blogger wasn't letting me post pictures. How annoying! But today I am posting! YEAH! check out my CUTE new nephew

My daughter calls him BABY CUTE! haha And she usually adds an "Awwww" after she says it too. In fact she is on my lap right now saying "Awwwww baby cute!' heehee

I can't wait to do a real photoshoot with him so expect more picture of this little cutie!!!