Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Maternity Pics

We went out today and took some more maternity pictures. It was GORGEOUS outside but super windy. I had a very impatient 4 year old too so we didn't last long today. Here are the good ones we got

Then I got this picture and I loved it so much I edited it a bunch of different ways

Then we convinced Tyler to kiss her belly! hee hee

Here are some of the flowers and what not

And my girl

Hope the maternity pictures aren't getting old. In another month or so when she gets bigger we are going to do some with her and her husband. I can't wait.


Starting a Business

I just read an interesting article about starting a photography business. If you would like to read the article check it outHERE.

Also the craft blog called The Idea Room has been having a photographer ( who lives in Austin I think ) share photography "tutorials". I have been enjoying them a lot. I plan on using them more when I get to Utah and have more "free time". heehee

One of the tutorials talked about using sunlight. I LOVE sunlight in pictures. It makes most pictures so much more amazing. Here is a couple of my sun pictures

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Other Smiles

There were some other smile pictures I thought about entering into the IHEARTFACES this week. Here is one

He has a GREAT smile in this picture. heehee

New Contest

hope me joining all these photography contest aren't super annoying but sometimes I just forget to post pictures here. Going through my external hard drive, there are so many picture I need to put here but haven't yet. I just need to work on it. The contest I recently found but had no picture for last weeks theme ( which was balloons ) is called TrendyTreeHouse. This weeks theme was water. I have TONS of pictures I could post for this one because I LOVE water. I decided to go a different direction with it though and I found this one I did of my friends Katrina and Johnny when we were doing their engagement session.

I like how this came out and although they would never use this picture for invitations or to frame on their wall, I just like how it turned out.

The Trendy Treehouse

Monday, April 26, 2010


I have SO many pictures of my kids with GREAT smiles! This week on IHEARTFACES the theme is SMILES. I always love when it is a theme I have pictures for but at the same time, it makes it so difficult to choose. My husband and I have been sitting here trying to pick a picture and FINALLY we decided on this one

I know it isn't the BEST smile BUT if you look closely at her face you can see why this picture is so great. My girl was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick. She had been blowing snot bubbles ALL day. She also had a yucky eye that was all gooey. She had snot smeared all across her face and we were getting ready to go home from Walmart. I called her name and she looked up at me and smiled so big with the dry snot smeared all over, the goopy eye and the snot bubble coming out of her nose! Classic. Go check out all of the other SMILES over at IHEARTFACES

Friday, April 23, 2010

Maternity Pics

My cutie pie friend Amandalyn is having a baby boy. She is one of those pregnant ladies that just doesn't show much but we wanted to take some pictures of her preggo belly in the blue bonnets. So even though she isn't very big yet ( she is due in August ) we took some and I think a lot of them came out cute. My kids REALLY wanted to pick the blocks up off of her belly which meant the block pictures ended up having lots of kids fingers in them! haha For those reading this wondering why I would bring my kids to a photo shoot, I was not getting paid and it was just for fun. I would absolutely never bring them with me if someone was paying me. So I am posting the pictures. Some are pretty much the same picture over and over but sometimes I have a hard time deciding which one I like more or which edit I like better. So here you go and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!