Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Self Portrait

Sometimes self portraits can be fun!  When doing these I always make sure I have make up on and I am wearing flattering clothes and you know, the usual.  Well for this particular self portrait I threw caution to the wind and did the opposite.  No make up.  No cute top.  Whatever hair....but Tyler thinks it is hilarious.  haha  And since he is clearly all that matters, here is my self portrait I took for The Paper Mama photo contest.

It was funny because I had a couple of ideas I THOUGHT would be original and turns out a couple of people have done them! haha I love when I think I am being original and it turns out I was FAR from it!

The Paper Mama


Laughter is the best medicine! Over at Trendy Treehouse laughter is the theme and I had quite a few shots to choose from. I decided on this.

I was telling the girls a story about my ever so funny father! They thought it was pretty funny and I have about 5 or 6 pictures of them just cracking up. It helps to have a funny family to tells stories about while trying to get people to smile. Thanks Dad! :)

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The thing about maternity shoots is that ( hopefully ) it leads to a new born shoot. Now these can either go very smoothly OR HORRIBLE! You never know how a new born is goign to respond to being moved and picked up and stripped and wrapped. You just NEVER know. SO do you remember this momma from a month ago?

Well she had her baby and they came over yesterday to do some pictures. Oh my was this little baby SO WELL BEHAVED! he barely made a nose the whole time. Finally when we put a snuggy close to his mouth he tried to feed off of it and we had to end the session so he could eat. Boy was he a cutie pie though. Here are some of his best pictures.

Makes me want to cuddle my kids!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I am experimenting with making my blog better. Let's see how this goes...trying to figure out stuff on the computer is talking politics to a dumb blond! it just totally doesn't make sense! Hopefully I can figure some things out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach Fun

Okay so I am happy about all the beach themed contest going on because I took so many cute pictures of my girl on her first beach trip two weeks ago. I LOVE SO MANY that it is hard to choose. But one always comes to mind as my favorite.

I just love how you can tell how happy the beach made her! I love her hair blowing in the wind and I love how her arms are behind her. She was SO happy at the beach. I hope there is enough of her face in this picture to count for IHEARTFACES but that is where I am entering this today.

Go check out the rest because there are MANY amazing pictures. They are gonna have a hard time picking a top ten this week because they are all so wonderful. something about the beach just makes any picture taken there amazing!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Favorite

I LOVE the sky and taking pictures of it! My husband laughs at me constantly because I am ALWAYS taking pictures of sunsets and clouds. To him, they all look the same. To me EACH one is different. The sky always reminds me that my Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to have something pretty to look at!


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Monday, August 16, 2010


Iheartfaces theme this week is SHADES. I had a lot of pictures going through my head but none of them were actually good pictures. SOOOOO instead I decided to just go with a new one. I just took this one Saturday of my baby girl. We just bought my boy a scooter and so we got him a helmet. She LOVES it and keeps sneaking it on. How did kids ALWAYS manage to put them on the wrong way?! haha Any ways, it is not the best picture ever but it sure is cute!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We got back from vacation late Sunday which was JUST in time for this weeks shutter Tuesdays over @Trendy Tree and the theme was VACATION! HA Awesome for me but not so awesome at the same time. I got SO many cute pictures of my girl on the beach plus a lot of fun artsy ones. Hmmmmm so this week I am posting more then one picture which I hate to do but oh well. Enjoy my cutie pie and the beach pictures. It was our first time to a beach here in Texas and my girls first time to the beach ever! She LOVED it!

And now my kids...I start off with my boy because he was just too busy to stop so I can get pictures.

Please pardon the crap in the top right corner of all of my pictures. I have cleaned and cleaned and CLEANED my camera inside and out and can NOT find where it is coming from. I guess I need to take it some where to get cleaned because it is driving me CRAZY!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shutter Love Tuesdays

It is shutter love tuesday over @ Trendy TreeHouse and this weeks them is Weddings. I have only taken pictures at two weddings so my photos were limited this week. Even so, I STILL had a hard time choosing. I had one picture in mine but then when I looked at some of the other pictures already submitted, I saw the exact picture I was gonna post. Sheesh. that would have been embarrassing! haha SO I changed my mine and went with something nontraditional ( no surprise there since I do that every week it seems like! ) So here is my photo for the day and I hope at least ONE person likes it.

There were butterflies all over the place at this outside wedding. While trying to get a good shot of the bride and groom during the actual ceremony I saw this butterfly on the flower and thought it would be a good picture. I love how it came out! Go check out the rest of the entries and leave a comment and tell everyone which one is YOUR favorite!


Monday, August 2, 2010


So like TWO MONTHS AGO my friend Sarah over @ Sugar Bananas gave me a blog award! YEAH! My first blog award. I was really excited and tried to get it done right away but couldn't figure out how to copy and paste the picture on my MAC. Hmmmmmm So now I am FINALLY getting around to doing it on my HP. haha

I am supposed to pick 5 others bloggers who bring sunshine into MY life. So in random order ( and since this is a photography blog I figured I would feature other photography blogs. )

1. Mathieu Photography
2. Veronica Reeve Photography
3. Funny Face Photography
4. I heart Faces
5. Savor Photography

Go click on these for really great pictures and lots of inspiration! Thank you Sarah for the award and sorry I am such a slacker and it took me SO long to get this done. I really did appreciate it, I swear! :)