Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black and White

I LOVE black and white photography. Like REALLY love it! Once upon a time I was planning on putting only black and white photos in my bedroom. This weeks theme over at Iheartfaces is black and white scenic. My problem with this theme wasn't the black and white but having a human face in it. I was going through my pictures and found this one that I think applies well.

There are so  many things I love about this picture but mostly I love remembering doing the shoot.  It was so much fun and this couple was oh so cute.  I know Lettice and it was fun getting to know the man who fell in love with her.

Check out some of the other pictures.  Pretty much all of the pictures this week are amazing.  Seriously there is something about black and white images that just make me happy!  So happy looking


Photo Freak said...

beautiful reflection!

Square Root Photography said...

Great angle and framing. I like the reflection in the puddle, and the curve of the road.