Monday, February 21, 2011

A LONG Time A-Coming

I have neglected this blog a lot lately.  I have good reasons.  Mainly because since I moved, I no longer have people requesting to have their photo taken.  Nevertheless, my kids have had theirs taken plenty.  I haven't posted many of those but maybe one of these days I'll get around to it.  I haven't been entering the iheartfaces or the trendytreehouse contest either.  Sometimes I check the theme and then just forget.  Other times I just forget all together.  This week over at IHEARTFACES they have a theme I wanted to join in on.  It's cell phones!  I started going through all of my cell phone pictures and I actually have quite a few good ones.  I had one in mine I was going to use but as I went through I decided to go with something else.  Not because I think this one will win or even get placed ( it won't ) but just because I loved the moment.

Makes me laugh every time!  I miss when my daughter used to make this face all the time.  I am glad I got a picture of it.  There are several things she did that I kept saying, "I have to get that on video" and never did.  Bummer.  Enjoy all of the other cell phone pictures over at iheartfaces.  There are some amazing photos.


Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! so great! glad you have this photo!

Mary Beth said...

I love how her little mouth makes a perfect heart shape. So, so cute.

Liv said...

This is really cute! It looks like one of those "easier said than done" type of things. I'd never heard of trendy treehouse, so thanks for passing that looks cool. Would you like to win a giveaway? We have a ton of cool things for you, and by entering this contest you'll help me win a college scholarship. You can check it out here