Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I love when you catch a pout or a strong emotion on camera. Those are the best! I read the theme for Trendy Treehouse this week and saw that it was emotions and had a couple of pictures in mind. I finally decided ( with the help of my friend ) which one was the funniest. Here is my adorable niece Bradlie. She hurt herself on a trampoline while we were out on it having a fun time. She had HUGE crocodile tears.

What I love most about this picture is the cute little piggy tails AND that her mom is laughing hysterically at her. We ALL were. It was pretty funny and the best part was that about 2 minutes later she was laughing and jumping on the trampoline again! Heehee

Go check out the rest of the emotions over at Trendy Treehouse and vote for your favorite.



Kim and Ender said...

That pic is cute. I love the one of Tyty's big pouty face with tears welling up in his eyes.

Stefanie Brown said...

Love, love, love this shot! Precious!


Tara said...

Congrats! You made it into our Shutter Love Winners Post! Come by to see where you are in the line up at www.thetrendytreehouse.blogspot.com
Will post winners at 6 p.m.