Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Pictures Vs. Regular Pictures

I took the cutest pictures of my girl! I am posting them here because I wanted to give some Photo "tips" for taking pictures of babies. What I do when playing with Kayla and giving her baths and what not, I observe when she is happiest and when she sits still the most. Then I take pictures in my head without my camera. This helps a LOT. It sounds crazy I know, but I honestly think it helps me take better pictures when I am trying to do "good" pictures. There is a difference for me when taking a picture of Tyler doing something silly, and then trying to take a GOOD picture of one of them smiling. Here are some examples:

Random picture that I was not "trying" on

Here are some pictures I just took of Kayla after her bath that I had taken in my head a thousand times before actually getting my camera out and ready before putting her in the bath tub. I LOVE the way they turned out!

Notice I left her naked and wrapped in the towel but gave her something to hold and focus on. This is what makes it easier to take good pictures. I also got at eye level with her. This is something that I think makes or breaks a picture. I see pictures sometime that I think "Wow I wish I would have been an inch lower to the ground, or something to that effect. This is another reason why I think "professional photographers" pictures turn out better then parents taking pictures of their kids. If you see me taking pictures, half the time I am laying down on the ground. Going down to their level helps tremendously.

Here are some pictures of Tyler I took the other day when I was TRYING to get GOOD pictures of him

With Tyler, what makes a good photo is usually Props like the hat AND having him make silly faces. The last picture of him smiling was taken in between silly faces. You get the best smiles when they aren't doing that fake "Cheese" smile they do when you ask them to smile for the camera.

I hope these little tips help. For me I am constantly taking pictures of my kids in my head. Obviously most people do not do this so taking pictures is a little less second nature. But I believe everyone with some practice can take wonderful pictures of their friends and family without even trying too hard. :)

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