Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here are pictures from the wedding I did back in August. I still have some I never shrank that I need to get on here some day but for now here are some that were ready to be posted. The first one I just want to say that it's funny how sometimes YOU like a picture you took. I REALLY liked this picture. And while I was taking it I was all excited about it. I saw it on my lap top after the wedding. I thought, "Yeah it turned out good" but then I second guessed myself and thought, "You know, I wonder if any one else will like it or if it is just me" Well, Abby, the Bride, has this one on her facebook page and someone else commented about how cool this picture was and how she didn't noticed the butterfly at first but then saw it and liked it even more. SWEET! haha It's nice to know that SOMEONE saw what I saw in it...

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