Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's ALL About Cheap

Cody and I don't have TONS of money. True we just bought an awesome new printer and I do have two lenses, an external flash, some cheap filters, a remote trigger and a tri pod. HOWEVER, we have slowly bought all this over the past 4 years. Photography equipment is expensive. I think a lot of it is unnecessary unless you have the money to spend. I have already mentioned IHEARTFACES several times lately, but I love this iste because it gives great advice for photographers of all sorts. I just watched a video they had linked to a post about lighting and I LOVED it! I am SO going to do this and see how my pictures come out. I kind of do this now any ways but I have never understood how to get good lighting in my house because it is REALLY dark in here! Seriously, my house is the worse for taking pictures. If you are at all interested in photography and can't afford buying the equipment ( like most just starting out in the business ) then take a look at the article and watch the video. Here You won't be disappointed!

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