Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Has it seriously been that long since I posted anything here?  Gosh...I apologize but I have several excuses.  We moved to another state RIGHT after Christmas which made it extra hard.  Now we are in our new house but don't have a couch or a kitchen table which means NO WHERE to sit.  Kinds hard to blog when you have to stand and type ( and annoying. )  My knees hurt today from all the internet surfing and craft making I did yesterday.  I am using the internet off of my phone.  Boooooooooooo  I took awesome pictures a week or so before we moved of my friend Lura and her sister Faith.  There were so many good ones that I had a hard time picking which ones to give her.  I ended up giving them a CD with over 250 pictures on it.  Haha  I would LOVE to post some but they are on my MAC and I am on my PC which can connect to my phone.  My MAC will connect too however, I am not smart enough to figure it out.  Maybe when the hubby gets home today I will beg him to do it for me.  It would be nice to get some on here for y'all to enjoy.  I loved shooting sisters because it always reminds me of mine.  This family has 3 girls all within 5 years of each other and they are really close, just like my family.  :)  It was also fun because of their different personalities and taste in clothes.  Kinda reminded me of me!  haha  The youngest one, Faith has the punky personality and Lura had the more modern edge going on with her natural beauty.  It's fun to look at their pictures because they look so much a like, yet totally different at the same time. 

Well, I better get my other computer hooked to the internet now because I am dying to show their pictures off.  It is gonna be hard the first couple of months here in Cali I think.  Mostly because photography is probably not gonna be popping up as often as it was the last couple of months for me in Texas.  I hope to build up some clients here and resume my passion.  And just so you aren't left totally void of pictures on a photography blog

This was on our porch right as we were leaving Texas.  I love that you can see the reflection of the Penske truck in the screen door.  My kids look so grown up.  SIGH


Kim and Ender said...

Kayla looks so grown up in this picture!

Katie said...

Seriously Kim just before I put the picture on this blog post I told Cody that I thought she looked so grown up in this picture. I think it's the way her hair is...