Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alton Farm Two

Sorry it took me so long to get these up.  I FINALLY edited all of the pictures I took in Alton Utah while visiting the Roundy family farm.  Here are some of the ones I took of the things Glenna found around the house.

See the date?  1919   crazy!

This token says it is a Utah State Tax Token

Emergency Relief Fund

It was so really cool stuff! Can't believe how old a lot of it was and most was in really good condition still.


Kim and Ender said...

That is awesome. DId she keep the stuff or leave it there? I wonder if any of it is worth something?

Katie said...

She left it at the house I think but they go to the house a couple of times a year. She wanted me to take pictures of all of it so she can make copies to give all the grand kids.