Friday, August 12, 2011


So I am HOPEFULLY going to be doing some blog revamps here!  Since I don't have a photography web site but I want business, I am going to be getting this blog up and going so that it is set up better for a business.  My problem is that I am NOT good with computers.  I was going to try and figure out how to do the menu at the top so I could list my prices and things and after just READING how to do it I said forgot it!  It is most likely worth the money to pay someone to do.  Now I just have to find someone who will do it for me!  Any takers?  No? None?  Didn't think so!  haha

In the mean time I am trying ot fix the few things I know how to do.  The first is adding labels to ALLL of my post.  No clue if every time I hit "post" if blogger adds this to my fed or not.  If so I AM SO SORRY!  I have a BUNCH of blog lables to update so just ignore this for a few days if it is showing up.  Hopefully in two or three weeks I will have a much better looking and better working blog!  YIPEE

Since this IS a photography blog and I just got new "business cards"  ( they are actually post cards and I love them!)  Here is a picture of what they look like.

Sorry the picture is not great because this is a picture from my phone.  If you are in the Southern California Inland Empire area and want to get some pictures taken, PLEASE contact me!  I would LOVE to do them for you.  send me a message and I'll be in touch.  :)

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