Monday, March 15, 2010

Bundled up

During the snow we had a couple of weeks ago I got the sweetest picture of my niece Madison. It's so funny considering the fact that she was being a CRAZY girl in the snow. She was smashing her face into it, throwing snowballs in her OWN face and running and crashing into the snow head first or bum first. It was kind of funny actullay because while she was doing all these crazy boy like things, Tyler was dancing in the snow and making snow angels! haha Any ways. In between the craziness Madison zone out for a minute and I got this great picture of her.

Sorry about the double post. I explain it in the last post what happened but since I couldn't get this one in the contest I wanted, I added another picture to the post! I love her eating the snow! haha

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tracie said...

I love these. I am a big fan of closeups.