Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yippy For Photo Shoots!

I love babies. It's no lie. They are so sweet and I miss that my baby girl is already growing out of all her babiness ( yup I just made that word up! ) A lady from my church had the most beautiful baby in November. I have been wanting to take pictures of her little girl ever since. It didn't happen until this week but I am so glad she came over and let me take pictures. At first the it wasn't going so well. she peed right away when we took her diaper off which I knew would happen. Then she was getting fussy because she doesn't like being on her tummy. My house is really dark too and I was having issues. I had the windows and door open and without the flash the pictures were still blurring. I used a diffuser so it helped soften the flash enough. Then we decided to take her out side and get some pictures in natural light. My greatest difficulty is because she is really strong so she was moving a lot but she didn't sit up yet. She was ALMOST 5 months old. I told her mom to bring her back when she can sit up and then we can get a bunch more. So here are some of my favorites.

This next one was a happy accident. We went out side and I hadn't adjusted my camera and then dumb flash went off. But when I took a look at the picture on the computer, I actually really like it! Go figure

Her name starts with a "B" so we thought that particular block appropriate.

I am so blessed because someone else from my church called me today and wants to me take pictures for her tomorrow at the court house. They are officially adopting their son and they want to make invitation for a celebration they are doing in Oregon. I am going to take pictures for them right after! How cool is that?! Hopefully I can get those posted someday....I have a busy week starting Saturday.


Kristy Lou said...

What a pretty baby!!

Sugar Bananas said...

She's so adorable. What do you mean, "fussy"? You got some great shots! I think the accidental flash one is my favorite.

Roundy Clan said...

Isn't she a doll?! Her mom is black and her dad is white. EEEEEEE She has the best smile and I am sad I didn't get as many pictures of her smiling as I would have hoped. I think once she is sitting up when can get some really good ones. I love the flash one too! It's my favorite as well.