Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Love

This week on Iheartfaces they are doing baby week! I was SO excited since I JUST got those soooooooo cute pictures of my nephew while in Utah! Then I got nervous after looking through all the entries. There are so many cute babies and beautiful photography. Included in the category is maternity pictures. I was going to then submit a maternity picture of my friend Amandalyn since I just took all those pictures of her too. Not many people submitted maternity pictures. Then I got nervous about that too! LAME! I don't know why I second guess myself all the time. I am running out of time however and need to get this submitted before they close this weeks contest. So since these pictures turned out just perfect with ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING WHAT SO EVER, I decided to go ahead and go with my first instincts and do a picture of my nephew. I wasn't sure which one to do but this one stands out to me! Yes Ladies, his eyes are THAT blue! Hope you enjoy it and all the others over at iheartfaces

I will post more from this session one of these days. I have been too lazy to shrink them since I didn't need to edit them they are all still huge! heehee

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Jessica said...

Awww, such a sweet baby!