Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite


It's that time again. This weeks theme is summer fun. I have TONS of photos that go with this but a lot of them were the exact same picture other people posted. I TRY to keep things original when I enter contest. That way ALL the photos aren't the same. So I choose this picture.

If you click on the picture and look at it a little bigger you can spot the kite! We went kite flying with grandpa while we were in Utah and we got it SUPER high...then it fell and crashed into a tree. haha It was fun while it lasted though. I just love how pretty the sky is and how high up the kite is in the picture. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I know I am. I am off to Utah again and within a couple of hours of getting there I get to go see the newest Twilight movie with my sisters and some of their crazy friends. I can't wait.

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