Tuesday, July 13, 2010

By the Pool

It's picture day over at Trendy Treehouse and at first I thought, "I don't have any photos for that theme because we don't have a pool!" Then I started thinking of the kiddie pools you buy at Walmart. Then I started remembering all the pictures I have taken in other people's pools. After all that thinking, then I had a hard time picking one! haha Even as I type this, I am remembering more pictures. Sheesh. SO for my favorite by the pool pic I choose this one

Notice the water by his bum looks weird? That is because he was naked! His bare bum was just sticking out of the water making this the PERFECT picture for me to have hanging in my bedroom but not perfect for posting on a very public blog! No naked bum of my kid showing for ANYONE to see. But just picture how cute it is with the bum sticking up haha I just love his expression too!


Go check out the rest of the photos and vote for your favorite!

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