Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SETH ( Finally )

Back in May I took the best pictures of my nephew. I LOVE them because I used natural lighting and they didn't need to be edited at all! They were perfect the way they were. He even smiled big for me in a couple of them. Here are my favorites and the last one is one I am going to print out big for his mom on canvas for Christmas! I love you baby Seth.

Check these out of Kayla. She woke up from her nap and was PISSED! Kayla went and got her up instead of mommy and she was even less happy then. She had been sleeping so good that she had a HUGE red hand print on her face! haha

Also, check out the serious water works on her face!



Lauren said...

Yay! I get one for Christmas!! I have to wait till then? :) I still have to send in the cd and get enlarged prints of him for our dinningroom wall....his frame is hanging and waiting. Miss you sweetie! Kiss the little ones for me!

Roundy Clan said...

I can send it to you sooner! But it will just be considered your Christmas present. haha Which one do you want for your frame Lauren? I guess I need to call you :)