Monday, August 2, 2010


So like TWO MONTHS AGO my friend Sarah over @ Sugar Bananas gave me a blog award! YEAH! My first blog award. I was really excited and tried to get it done right away but couldn't figure out how to copy and paste the picture on my MAC. Hmmmmmm So now I am FINALLY getting around to doing it on my HP. haha

I am supposed to pick 5 others bloggers who bring sunshine into MY life. So in random order ( and since this is a photography blog I figured I would feature other photography blogs. )

1. Mathieu Photography
2. Veronica Reeve Photography
3. Funny Face Photography
4. I heart Faces
5. Savor Photography

Go click on these for really great pictures and lots of inspiration! Thank you Sarah for the award and sorry I am such a slacker and it took me SO long to get this done. I really did appreciate it, I swear! :)

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