Monday, August 16, 2010


Iheartfaces theme this week is SHADES. I had a lot of pictures going through my head but none of them were actually good pictures. SOOOOO instead I decided to just go with a new one. I just took this one Saturday of my baby girl. We just bought my boy a scooter and so we got him a helmet. She LOVES it and keeps sneaking it on. How did kids ALWAYS manage to put them on the wrong way?! haha Any ways, it is not the best picture ever but it sure is cute!

Go check out the other entries and all the cute little kiddos in sunglasses because there are lots! :)

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Tina Kay Prainito said...

Haha!! Yes, they always put the helmet on the wrong way. My daughter always puts her sunglasses on upside down, to bad I've never taken a pic of that!