Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I LOVE bloopers!  They happen ALL the time.  Pretty much every time you take pictures you get some out takes.  I just did a maternity shoot on Friday and I got quite a few bloopers.  One of my favorites was this picture.

It cracks me up every time I see it! I told the couple to stand far apart, hold hands and then I yelled at them, "Okay now lean in and kiss" and the husband instantly leaned in to kiss her and she back up and started laughing. Heehee It reminds me of "While You Were Sleeping" you know the part I mean, "....It looks like he was leaning."

This was a blooper for another reason two. I was laying down on the ground on my stomach and apparently I laid down in a fire ant hill or something because as I started to get up from this my arm started BURNING! It was worth it because the pictures I got of them while laying on the ground there were great!

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