Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Punk Rock Mom

i just found this blog this morning.  It's called  The Punk Rock Mom.  I have been looking for blogs that are similar to my taste and have different photography challenges or contest.  This one has one going right now and the theme is "Story Time"  She wants the pictures to tell a story.  I LOVE doing this.  I often will take 10 pictures in a row of my kids doing something just to get the whole story behind it.  That actually makes it more difficult for me to share some because I had SO many of them in my head I knew I could use.  So here is what I finally decided to do after searching through some of my folders.  It is from a year ago at our church Halloween celebration.  Tyler had never done a doughnut eating contest like this and in fact, I am not sure if he had ever had a doughnut!  haha  BUt he took the challenge and had fun.  It was funny because half way through it he looked at his cousin right next to him and with chocolate ALL over his face, pointed, laughed and said, "Madison you have chocolate on your face!"  Classic

We finally called it a draw and let them use their hands. After this last picture was taken they busted out with the GLAZED doughnuts! Um, where were the NON-chocolate ones when our kids were doing it?! :)


thepunkrockmom said...

LOL! LOVE this story and your pictures! Thanks so much for entering!
Love your blog as well, and following you now! :D


thepunkrockmom said...

Love your Etsy page too! I have an Etsy shop as well- it's under maryanneolson. Hope you can go check it out some time!

Becky said...

How cute, what a great story! I love his little Woddy suit, too