Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A First

So I did a photo shoot on Friday for a couple who are expecting a baby in November. I hadn't met them yet. We had only talked through emails but I was REALLY excited to do the shoot. My friends at church have this GORGEOUS little farm that I went to for the first time a week before we planned to do pictures. I asked them if I could use their yard to do pictures and she told me no problem. YEAH! I was really really excited. I had lots of first for this shoot. It was my first time taking pictures for someone I had never met, my first time taking pictures at this location and my first time laying on a fire ant hill to get good pictures! haha The couple were funny and when they were getting letters out to spell their future daughters name they couldn't agree on how to spell it. finally the husband looked it up on his phone and then hid his head in shame when he realized his wife was right. haha It was a good thing she was right too because she already had their daughters name embroidered on a diaper bag!

And now for one of my favorites! I ALMOST picked this one as my "blooper" from my previous post. The couple had made a face at each other and I happen to take the picture right then! I bet they didn't know I got it! haha

And for those who didn't see the previous post with the blooper in it, here is another favorite from the night

makes me laugh every time!

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Valerie said...

Visiting from New Friend Friday. Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing your talents.