Thursday, July 21, 2011

Double Bonus

Yesterday I got to take pictures.  I'm not sure if y'all know this but I LOVE taking pictures.  I especially love taking pictures when it is of super cute kids with gorgeous blue eyes!  So yesterday was a good day.  It was a double bonus for me because I got to chat with their mom who is so nice and so much fun!  The kids were cute and even though mine were fussy and Kayla kept crying, we got great pictures and had fun.

Aren't they just so super cute?  Jaxson was so cute that before I even really knew them I made him a bow tie just because I could envision him in one! haha

This next picture is hilarious!  She was smiling funny so we told her she was NOT allowed to smile.  Usually that makes Tyler laugh and I get a "good" smile.  She frowned!  haha

Don't you just love that curly hair?!

What a great photo shoot!  We had fun and made new friends.  Can't get much better then that!