Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Time

My sister and her husband and baby are moving to Mexico.  It's bittersweet for everyone.  It's only 2 years and it is so her husband can get his degree done.  They are excited so we are excited for them.  But we are sad we will not be seeing them for a while.  That's always sad.  While we were in Utah this last week my sister asked me to bring my new backdrops and take pictures for them.   I am SO glad she did.  Look at how cute her little family is!

Jacob was EXHAUSTED!  So he was either laughing or crying.  We got a couple of crying pictures during the sad times.  haha

More crying!

Overall I think they turned out cute and I for sure learned a few things for the next time.  :)


*Lauren* said...

Very cute :)

ginasnow said...

Love these Katie! I love the back drop too!!!