Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Kids

My kids are SO hard to get pictures of!  I bet I mommy constantly having a camera in her hand and trying to get them to smile and cooperate is probably a HUGE part of it.  But whatever....

So when I had my back drops up at my mom's house and was already doing pictures it was MUCH easier to get them to cooperate.  IN fact Tyler wanted me to take a MILLION pictures of him except he wanted to pose himself in all of these ridiculous stances.  Some, were hilarious!  Check this little poser out

I posed this one

And HE posed this one!  ( which I LOVE! HAHA )

He did this one of course ( love his eyes )

This one is straight out of Zoo Lander

Then I tried to get some of the two of them and this was the BEST one I got!

All of the other ones she either looked really cute and he didn't or it was the opposite.  It also looks like Tyler is choking her in all of them.

Then I tried to get some of Kayla

I hope to try this again and get some new ones.  LOVE having my own new colorful backdrops!

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