Friday, April 23, 2010

Maternity Pics

My cutie pie friend Amandalyn is having a baby boy. She is one of those pregnant ladies that just doesn't show much but we wanted to take some pictures of her preggo belly in the blue bonnets. So even though she isn't very big yet ( she is due in August ) we took some and I think a lot of them came out cute. My kids REALLY wanted to pick the blocks up off of her belly which meant the block pictures ended up having lots of kids fingers in them! haha For those reading this wondering why I would bring my kids to a photo shoot, I was not getting paid and it was just for fun. I would absolutely never bring them with me if someone was paying me. So I am posting the pictures. Some are pretty much the same picture over and over but sometimes I have a hard time deciding which one I like more or which edit I like better. So here you go and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Katherine said...

These are beautiful, and those flowers are simply gorgeous!

Best of luck to your friend :)

Stop by my blog at if you get the chance.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

K xx