Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blue Bonnets

There is a patch of blue bonnets down the street from me. I wanted to take pictures in them REAL bad. Last year I wanted to take pictures in them and failed! I kept pushing it off and then we kept getting rain and finally they were all gone. I vowed that NEXT year I would get some. The season has come and they are EVERYWHERE this year. I took some pictures while my husband was driving so they are all blurry but check out how many are on the side of the road right now

In that last picture you can see how they are on both sides of the road. If you live in Texas you would understand how I feel. Everyone waits for them to bloom and then everyone has to take pictures in them. It's fun and they are so beautiful. This year my friend and I took our kids over to the patch to take pictures. We were there for an hour and it was SO hard getting our kids to be still at all for ANY pictures at all. Within 5 minutes of being there my son lost his toy and was hysterical the whole time. We never found it and he screamed and kicked all the way to the car because we were leaving without it. I get him in the car and he just kept on kicking and screaming. Then I realized, I HAD NO MEMORY CARD IN MY CAMERA! The whole hour was wasted. My kid was hysterical and I had nothing to show for it. Not only that but I had taken great pictures of my friend and her son too. BOOOOOOOOOO The good news is the blue bonnets are still there and yesterday afternoon I sneaked out of the house to take some pictures of the flowers and got some good shots. Hope you enjoy them. I think I might blow one up on canvas for my living room!

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One Precious Life said...

So pretty. I was going to take pictures of Maribelle in the wildflowers in Texas but there were always so many mosquitos. Oh well.