Monday, October 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge List

Here is my list for my own 30 day challenge.  I took two list and took my favorite ones off of the two.  A lot were the same and some were different.

Day 1  Self Portrait
Day 2  Someone You Love
Day 3  Clouds
Day 4  What I wore
Day 5  Favorite color
Day 6  Childhood Memory
Day 7  A Bad Habit
Day 8  High Angle
Day 9  Low Angle
Day 10  Eyes
Day 11  Silhouette
Day 12  My shoes
Day 13  Bokeh
Day 14  What I ate
Day 15  Something Old
Day 16  In Motion
Day 17  Flowers
Day 18  From a Distance
Day 19  Close-up
Day 20  In My Bag
Day 21  Pattern
Day 22  Sunset
Day 23  faceless Self Portrait
Day 24 Sun Flare
Day 25  Hands
Day 26  Black and White
Day 27  Something Pink
Day 28  Technology
Day 29  Trees
Day 30  Self Portrait

Yesterday I took several pictures for day two which was someone I love.  It was Sunday and we were home all day together.  I'll post one later.  Enjoy the list and PLEASE feel free to do this too!  I know today is already October 3rd but you could start today and just do the first three challenges today OR you could start with day 1 and then go until you finish all 30 of them.  JOIN ME!

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