Monday, October 3, 2011

Some I Love

Day Two is a picture of someone I love.  I had all day to take pictures of someone I love.  We didn't have church today and so we were home all day long just hanging out.  I took about 100 pictures and more then half of them were fuzzy.  It is frustrating sometimes to get blurry pictures.  I was going through them on my computer and it kinda made my laugh.  My house was kinda dark yesterday and the kids were moving like crazy!  This is why everything was so blurry.  When considering that I almost picked a super blurry picture of Kayla jumping but decided on this one

I couldn't resist!  Kayla started potty training this weekend!  We have tried a couple of times with pull ups and she would just pee in them but she would poop on the potty.  So we bought her underwear and I knew this is what was going to help her.  We threw them on her Saturday and the first 2 times she just went.  The rest of the day she pretty much went on the potty!  It was so wonderful.  So here she is at the table while we were playing the Toy Story 3 memory game.  Sitting on her feet with her little blues clues underwear.  So adorable and I for SURE love this little girl.  :)

Today's challenge is CLOUDS!  I can't wait.  I love taking pictures of clouds.  Hopefully we have some good ones in the sky today.

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