Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Photo Shoot Part 2

I have know Jason since I was probably about 6 or so.  Maybe I knew him even before that, I'm not really sure.  Him and his wife came down so we could do picture's of their kids.  The baby wasn't feeling well and I was already taking someone's picture when they got there so they had to wait.  By the time I tried taking theirs the baby wasn't having it.  Big brother on the other hand let me take TONS of him.  It was great taking pictures of him because he seemed to love it and he would actually stay pretty still while I took them.  BONUS

I love how intense you looks showing me his muscles!  haha

And a couple of group shots with my kids

Don't you just love that any time you tell kids to make a silly face they all stick their tongues out?!  Gotta love it

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