Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Photo Shoot Take ONE

I have a friend named Lisa.  She is wonderful.  The funny thing is, she is actually my friend Jason's wife.  I would have never even met her otherwise.  She is one of those people who is really generous and goes out of her way to help perfect strangers.  I have done pictures for them before.  Her husband is in Iraq right now and she wanted to get pictures of her kids in Halloween costumes.  She saw a picture of a baby inside of a pumpkin and sent me the link to look at the picture and said, "Can we do this please, please, please?"  
Then she put an announcement on facebook asking any of her friends if they wanted some halloween pictures of their kids.  Not only that but she then bought all sorts of decorations and set everything up.  It was awesome.  So I got a little bit of business and she got her pictures.  She worked 10 times harder then I did!  

Any ways, here are some pictures of her adorable kids!  They both have the prettiest eyes! 

This is my daughters Halloween costume!  haha  We couldn't resist putting i ton Bubba the dog!

Lisa actually took this picture.  My daughter had to go potty and we were losing light so I told her to grab my camera and take some herself!  Check out his gorgeous eyes.  

I love this picture of him!  So Epic huh?!  

The Knight and the Dragon

And lastly, the ones Lisa wanted.  When we first put the baby in the pumpkin she balled!  LIKE HUGE tears.   Then her momma started singing and all the kids started making silly faces and dancing and we got a couple of little smirks from her.  

I'll post pictures of other kids later.  

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